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Yes, we know it looks like one, but that's just an incredibly clever illusion. Although we provide cracking articles for teachers, a bundle of tweeted creative teaching ideas and plenty of unique teaching resources you won't find anywhere else, Sparky Teaching shouldn't have capital letters. Because sparky teaching is what we do, not just the name of our funky website.

We think that teaching sparkily is about teaching with humour, inspiring young people and doing things differently - not just to be 'quirky' but because different things stick with learners. In fact, if we weren't called Sparky Teaching, we'd probably be called Sticky Learning. It's about seeing the little people who sit in front of us every day as individual characters not numbers or levels, recognising their sparks and what makes them them.

If you're of a similar mindset - whether you're a sparky teacher, parent or pupil - you're very welcome here.

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