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The Outstanding Teaching Pack

Our most popular resource for schools. All our downloads in one special offer for those with a sparky ethos - excellent value at less than half price!

Messages That Matter

Both of our Messages That Matter resources combined. Posters with power. Twenty character-developing posters to reflect your school ethos.

365 Things To Make You Go "Hmmm"

One big question/puzzle/brainteaser for every day of the year to get your students thinking.

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The Shanghai Maths Project

For the past year or so we’ve been working as part of a large team writing resources for Harper Collins’ Shanghai Maths Project. In a nutshell, the project began when Collins took Shanghai’s popular ‘One Lesson, One Exercise’ pupil books, translated them into English and aligned them with the National Curriculum. And so a rather large ball began […]

The Mullet Ratio

There will be some who will view the following as not a very sensible way to teach maths. Please think again. There is a place for lively, humour-filled lessons. Why? Because such learning sticks. Try it. Whilst preparing for some online tutoring recently (on the subject of Ratio) we came across a wondrous post by Matt Vaudrey, a secondary teacher […]

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The Working Class : Poverty, Education and Alternative Voices

Posted on May 14

It is not often that you pick up a book and — within two pages — you’re reading why the Business Director of the organisation responsible for it doesn’t want to contribute to the book and why. But then, that’s par for the course with Independent Thinking Ltd. There’s always another way, as they say. The Working […]

I Wonder What’s It’s Like To Be Dyslexic?

Posted on June 5

To begin with, here’s a case study: There was once a boy who had dyslexia. His parents noticed signs of this fairly early on, but it was not until he moved from infant to junior school that a clear frustration with reading and schoolwork settled in. His parents’ suspicions about dyslexia were confirmed one afternoon in the playground […]